51% of homeowners living in a home which doesn’t meet their needs

Over half of home owners are living in a home which is unsuitable for there needs.

2400 homeowners were surveyed. The figures estimate that unhappy homeowners would need a further £125,000 on top of the value of their existing home in order to buy a home which truly satisfies their needs.

The most prominent desire for homeowners was the requirement of more space. This desire for more space was expressed by 40% of home owners. A further quarter of people argued that they currently aren’t in the area that they wish to live in.

A further important factor, which was expressed by 23% of those asked, was the desire for a private office space. The need for a separate area to work in has increased in demand due to the number of people working from home during lockdown.

Amongst those saying that they don’t feel their home is suitable, 39% said that main factor stopping them from making a move was the inability to find somewhere suitable which is in budget.

These factors mean that unhappy homeowners are having to stay in their homes for an average of 4.4 years without being able to move.




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