More must be done to support both landlords and tenants.

According to Housing Hand, more must be done financially to support not only tenants but also landlords.

The service is concerned that as we are still fighting an ongoing battle with the pandemic, the problems facing landlords and tenants are going to intensify.

Research conducted by LSE London and Trust for London has found that the number of tenants in the private rented sector who have arrears built up may treble in the coming year.

That may mean we would have 700,000 tenants facing financial hardship but also their landlords.

Housing Hand also points out that many estate agents are facing financial hardship as they continue to work on a reduced income.

Housing Hands Managing Director, Jeremy Robinson, argues that the evictions ban is an “excellent” way to protect tenants during this time. Unfortunately the same cannot be said regarding measures for anyone else involved in the sector.

The current evictions ban is in place until February 21st. But there are rumours that it could be extended as lockdown continues. If the government were to extend the evictions ban any longer it will mean landlords, letting agents, and anyone else involved in the rental sector could face weeks or months more financial hardship.

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