Property sector to stay open throughout the UK’s third national lockdown

The new lockdown measures in the UK have disrupted the lives of many industries once again. The property sector is one of the few industries that are permitted to carry on as normal. Well, the new normal we are all living in.

Estate agents are still allowed to carry on with home viewings. Providing they are in line with current government guidance around PPE. Surveys are still also allowed to be undertaken.

Tomer Aboody, director of property lending at MT Finance has stated that unlike the first lockdown estate agencies are still operating as individuals are still keen to buy and sell their properties.

Any previous delays should be minimised as this time lawyers, valuers and surveyors are all still working.

He also comments that the market shouldn’t be disrupted like it was in the first lockdown as due to the vaccine there is an end in sight.

On the other side of the argument is Jeremey Health, a north London estate agent, who argues that the property market will face some disruption. He comments that the new lockdown is bound to have an impact on surveyors and removal firms. As a result, he calls for the chancellor to extend the stamp duty holiday deadline.

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