Tens of thousands to be invested in UK property market

Investors are set to invest more than £37,000 each into the UK property market according to a study conducted by property investment platform Brickowner.

The platform quizzed 126 investors about their intentions for investments as the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine continues. They asked each investor how much money they had allocated to invest into property. The average response was over £37,000.

They were also asked which areas they are most interested in investing in. The most common responses were residential (67%), commercial (48%) and care homes (42%).

The average annual return investors were looking for is 8.4%.

Brickowners co founder, Fred Bristol, states that although there has likely been an affect on peoples outlook on investments there is actually real reason to be optimistic when it comes to investing in the property sector.

Activity on Brickowners platform has dramatically risen in the first part of 2021. The amount invested in the beginning of 2021 is actually double the amount that was invested in the last months of 2020.





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