Terraced houses have proven the strongest investment

As suggested by Ocean Finance the strongest type of property in regard to price growth are terraced houses. Over the past 20 years they have beaten other property types and proven to have a higher selling price than purchase price.

Since 2000, the price of terraced houses has increased by a whopping 96%! They have risen from an average purchase price of £189,394 to £321,519.

The property type with the second most significant change in value was semi detached houses. Semi detached houses have had a price increase of 84% making the average purchase price of a semi-detached home now £203,392.

Detached properties rose by 70% in value and flats rose by 69% respectively.

In terms of which locations are rising in value, Manchester is still leading the way. Homes in this area have risen by 143% in price. This makes the average Manchester home £179,537.

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