What is the important factor for landlords when choosing a lettings agent?

For many buy to let landlords, unsurprisingly, price is still the most important factor when choosing a lettings agent.

44% of landlords stated that lettings agents fees are the biggest expenses they face. This also makes it one of the most important factors when choosing an agent.

New research by Rentround surveyed 20,000 landlords and found that a high number of landlords also look to instruct an agent based upon how quickly they can find a tenant for their property. They also prioritise an agent based upon how quickly they can fill void periods as this provides a hands off, headache free experience.

The majority (28%) of landlords said that they rely on the high street to find an agent. This is compared to 27% of landlords who prefer to use the internet to find a agent.

Less than half (47%)of landlords confirmed that they want to stay in the rental game in the near term. Post covid property prices are also seen to be the biggest concerns for landlords.



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